Day 7: Seven Wonderful things that happened in 2015

7 Wonderful things that happened in 2015

  1. Moved to Colorado – If you’ve been following me at all this year you already know I moved to to Colorado at the beginning of the year. Me wanting to move to Colorado has been a dream of mine for a long time and it finally happened
  2. Reconnected with family – Although this was under less than favorable circumstances. Two funerals. We’re even talking about getting together for a cousins day for those of that’s going to be in the DC area for Christmas and we established a committee to get together for a long weekend. It’s all official-like too. A ‘President’ so to speak, a secretary, someone who’s in charge of the entertainment, a treasurer (that’s me). Not sure why they put me charge of money. I’m a skinflint.
  3. Met some really great people – Making friends for me is not easy and those that I have had the pleasure to come in contact with over the last 11 months, I value.
  4. Discovered Voodoo Donuts, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Duffyrolls – There is an apparent theme here.
  5. Got my Colorado Driver’s License
  6. Drove my car across country
  7. Got my car registered in Colorado

2015 was a pretty exciting year for me. And I look forward to what 2016 has in store for me. I have a feeling my aunt is right. I’m going to ‘Blow up’.

Day 6: Six Things I Wish I’d Done Differently

6 things I wish I’d done differently in 2015

There are a lot of things over the course of my life I wish I had done differently. 2015 was a year of new beginnings and new experiences, and I really can’t find or think of 6 things I wish I’d done differently.

So, what I’ve decided to was to go back over my life and list some of biggest things I wish I’d done differently.

I wish I had. . .

  • been more serious about college.
  • taken that job with the FBI, but since I didn’t
  • statyed at Navy Federal instead of chasing the money and going work at Northwest FCU. I still have nightmares about that place
  • gone overseas to teach English as a second language
  • tried harder to get my doctor to release me for study abroad in Mexico
  • given myself permission to fail


Day 5: Five Favorite Christmas Movies or TV shows

5 Favorite Christmas Movies or TV shows

This was really easy and at the same time hard because there are quite a few Christmas Movies/TV shows that I enjoy.

I’m always in a rather bah humbug kind of mood before Christmas. Perhaps because it seems to come earlier and earlier each year. Remember when the day after Thanksgiving ushered in the Christmas season? Now they start advertising before Halloween. It’s so frustrating, but once I hear my favorite Christmas tune ‘Silent Night’ by the Temptations and watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and hear Thurl Ravenscroft belt out ‘You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch’ then everything is good.

So here a few of my favs. . . Continue reading

Day 4: Four Christmas Traditions

4 Christmas Traditions

I really had to think about this one because at first glance it seemed like our family didn’t have any Christmas traditions, but then as I thought – we did/do.

Christmas really hasn’t changed much since I was a child. We went to church and afterwards headed over to my grandparents houses. I didn’t consider going to church on Christmas day a Christmas tradition at first, because to me it was like going to church on any other Sunday or Easter Sunday, or Palm Sunday. Perhaps the only real difference was service was a bit longer because we had a Christmas production.

My parents would Continue reading

Day 3: Three life lessons you’ve learned in 2015

3 life lessons you’ve learned in 2015

When I decided to include this one, I thought it would be easy to to pick three life lessons; but I was wrong. I can’t say these are life lessons. I would classify them more as affirmations

  1. I have always been a relatively strong and independent person and when I decided to seize the opportunity to take a job and move some 1600+ miles away from family and friends to a place where I knew no one, I knew it would be difficult. There are times in which it’s more difficult than others. Sometimes I hate coming home to an empty house, but I love not being having to answer to anyone. Sometimes it’s hard not being near family and friends, but I love pushing my boundaries.
  2. I can’t really say this is something I’ve learned this year. Continue reading