Day 2: Ten Things that Make Me Smile

I’m just now realizing that my Day 2 of NaBloPoMo didn’t post, so here it is.

  1. Volunteering/Giving Back – When I go and tutor my kids and see the Ah Ha moment that makes me really happy.
  2. Lazy days – Oh my gosh a lazy day is a dime a dozen with me now, but when I get them I sure do take advantage of them
  3. Reading – Curling up with a good book or even a bad book puts a smile on my face every time
  4. Writing – I really enjoy coming up with and writing stories. There’s something so very cathartic about writing them down.
  5. Going to the theater (not movie) – Watching a theater performance seems to transport me farther than going to watch a movie.
  6. Relaxing at a museum – I typically take a notebook and cop a squat in front of a work of art that captivates me and write a story
  7. People watching and making up their story – Everyone has a story to tell and although most of us would never ask another human being what his/her story is, I completely enjoy watching folks and imaging their story.
  8. Listening to music – And I have to say singing at the top of my lungs and dancing like my body is out of control
  9. Blowing bubbles – Big Hubba Bubba bubbles and letting them burst all over my face. Ah the sweet, if not messy clean up
  10. Hearing children laugh – There’s something about children laughing that tugs right at my heart-strings. Maybe it’s the innocence.

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