Day 3: The People Struggle is Real

I had something different planned for today, but then after the last few days I’ve had felt this to be apropos.

I saw this posted on Thought Catalog a while ago, “19 Struggles Only People Who Hate People Understand”

1. When you’re sitting by yourself in a public place and someone sits next to you, your first instinct is great. I hope they don’t start talking to me.

2. Then they start talking and you’re like, CRAP.

3. They’re blah blahing about their day while you silently wonder who Continue reading

Day 2: Ten Things that Make Me Smile

I’m just now realizing that my Day 2 of NaBloPoMo didn’t post, so here it is.

  1. Volunteering/Giving Back – When I go and tutor my kids and see the Ah Ha moment that makes me really happy.
  2. Lazy days – Oh my gosh a lazy day is a dime a dozen with me now, but when I get them I sure do take advantage of them
  3. Reading – Curling up with a good book Continue reading