Complaint of the Day

We have turned into a society of spoiled, self-entitled, annoying whiny brats. Get over yourselves.

You knew when you got up this morning that it was cold and if you didn’t, you damn sure knew it when you walked out the door. Depending on what part of the DC Metro area you’re in it’s 8° to 12° with a windchill  factor of below 0. Dress for the fucking weather and always have a travel plan b.

You know metro is sketch some most days, so prepare yourselves for that and stop bitching about it. If you notice it hasn’t gotten you us anywhere. Go to some of the meetings they have and put it out there, perhaps we’ll get better results all the way around if we all get involved.

But this infantile whining through Twitter and Facebook about how cold you are because YOU didn’t properly dress for the weather is pathetic. Oh yeah and if you didn’t realize it – that’s your own damn fault. Don’t get me wrong I understand how it is to have to wait for the train on an above ground platform. I did it this morning and yes, I was chilly; but I had on my long underwear, tights, a sweater, a fleece jacket, a down coat, wool socks and boots. Not to mention a hat, gloves, two scarves and hand and toe warmers. A lot of you complaining had your coats open, no hat, no gloves.

Get it together people. You can blame metro for not running the trains last night to keep the tracks from cracking and anything else metro related, but you being cold – Nah, slim that’s all you.




Speak your peace . . .

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