Who Am I? An Introduction of Sorts

Who would have thought that these three little words would be so hard to fathom a solid answer? The reality is that who I am seems to change evolve on a rather regular basis.

When I began doing a bit of self-reflection I decided to take a closer look at my Myers-Briggs Personality Type in hopes of shedding a little more light as to who I am. I am an Introvert Continue reading

I was asked . . .

Today, I had lunch with a couple of friends and was asked if I would officiate their wedding.

Heck yeah. I’d be honored.

Big smiles. 😃😃😂😂

A Not So Great Day at Work

I try not to talk about work on my blog, however, today was one of those days in which I need to purge.

As a Christian you’re often told that the devil has imps working for him. Well, let me tell you he has at least one on my job that is about to make me lose my religion.

I’m not going to go into all the particulars because I find the reason behind the whole thing to be rather petty. Unfortunately, it was taken to a whole new level today. A coworker who was initially just giving me the silent treatment and ostracizing me has now turned my work environment into a hostile one.

I was on the phone with my father telling him Continue reading

Weekend Coffee Share – A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

I have to make this coffee share short as the Broncos/Ravens game is on and I have start dinner from scratch.

Last week was a whirlwind. I went home for Labor Day weekend so I could get my car. So, I’m going to give you a super run break down of how this played out.

  • I flew home to DC on Thursday and got home around midnight.
  • On Friday I had a mani/pedi with my nail favorite nail tech, had an opthalmology appointment (not such good news on that front), and visited with my grammy, which was a must do if I did nothing else.
  • Saturday my dad left at zero dark thirty and drove and drove and drove until we got to Jackson City, MO – about 14 hours
  • Sunday we left Jackson City around 9 am and pulled into my apartment complex about 8 pm.
  • Total drive time including time zone changes 25 hours.

So, let me back up just a wee little bit Continue reading

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me and Should

I found this thing a little while ago. It’s called: 10 Things I wish people knew about me. I got to thinking about it. In spite of me having reached my 300th blog post, I’ve been relatively guarded. So, I thought this would be nice. You know, open myself up a little more to you guys and let ya’ll into my world a little more.

1. I play the flute. I played the flute in my elementary and middle school band. I  stopped in high school because band practice and track practice were at the same time. Bummer. I did pick it back in college though as more of a hobby and calm me down kinda thing.

2. I play the piano. I started playing the piano in middle school. I really don’t even remember how I got into it. I remember the lady that used to watch me after school had one and that’s where I started learning. The next thing I knew I was being shuffledYee off to piano lessons.

3. I used to take ballet. All I have to say is that my mother made me do it. And I was and still am fairly clumsy. I will say this after I got over being forced to take it, I Continue reading