Complaint of the Day

We have turned into a society of spoiled, self-entitled, annoying whiny brats. Get over yourselves.

You knew when you got up this morning that it was cold and if you didn’t, you damn sure knew it when you walked out the door. Depending on what part of the DC Metro area you’re in it’s 8° to 12° with a windchill  factor of below 0. Dress for the fucking weather and always have a travel plan b.

You know metro is sketch some most days, so prepare yourselves for that and stop bitching about it. If you notice it hasn’t gotten you us anywhere. Go to some of the meetings they have and put it out there, perhaps we’ll get better results all the way around if we all get involved. Continue reading

NaBloPoMo, Day 13 – Why I HATE Riding Metro

I don’t use the word HATE very often but when I do, it has to pretty serious.

  1. The people who don’t cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze
  2. It’s to DAMN expensive
  3. It’s a cesspool of germs and bacteria. I’m pretty sure if the CDC did a few swabs even they’d be surprised at what they find.
  4. My new favorite is how WMATA took the blue line out of service on Veterans Day. I’m sorry unlike the Federal Government, I along with hundreds of other people had to work that day. And being packed in a fucking sardine can right off the bat is not my idea of fun times. The least you – WMATA – could have done was run the Silver line on a rush hour schedule instead of every 12 minutes. What dumbass thought of this? Personally I think all the folks that came up with this genius idea should be fired. Yep the folks on the blue line got screwed again. Continue reading