What I’m Doing for NaBloPoMo

I’m being pretty ambitious this year with NaBloPoMo or maybe crazy is the more accurate term. This year I’m doing all of my blogs. All four of them. As I type this my anxiety dial has just gone up to 10. But at the same time I’m pretty calm. I have the posts done for three out of the four blogs, so all I have left to do is schedule them to post. The only one that’s not finished is my short story blog. Working on it.

Here’s the run down of what I’m doing on each. I would love it if you stopped by from time-to-time and let me know your thoughts.

20/20 Hines Sight — 30 Reasons to be Happy / Thankful

A Short A Day — 30 short stories that are 30 words long. It’s called: 30 Days / 30 Stories / 30 Words

Forbidden Books — 30 banned/challenged books I want to read

The Broken Spine — 30 books on my TBR List

Whew! That’s a lot.

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6 thoughts on “What I’m Doing for NaBloPoMo

  1. Wow – I’m impressed! I am new to blogging, started my blog in June and this is my first ever NaBloPoMo and I’m nervous/excited about just the one blog. I only have the first 3 blog posts written and scheduled to post on Nov 1, 2 and 3 – how amazing is it that you have all posts for 3 entire blogs done! I was thinking I was cheating, so I’m glad to know it’s a common practice to have them done ahead of time.

    I love your site! I could sit and look at those gorgeous mountains all day. Adds a great element to the reading experience. And great focus of gratitude for the whole month of November! I’m with you there!

    Great to “meet you” – looking forward to getting to know you through NaBloPoMo!
    Happy Blogging to you,


    • Congratulations on starting your blog. I hope you’re having fun with it. It’s strange the angst NaBloPoMo causes, but I think it’s a good angst. Pushing you to do — to try.

      I definitely learned last year the best way for me to do this and even finish is to prewrite as much as possible. And since I’m doing all of my blogs prewriting was a must otherwise I’d have to take a month off from work. (Not opposed to that).

      Glad you enjoy the site. I thought it would be good to take an introspective look and find the things I’m happy and grateful for that are constantly pushed aside by the daily negativity.

      I see you signed up for some NaBloPoMoLove! That’s Great! If you have a twitter account, please follow @NaBloPoMoLove and don’t forget to use the #NaBloPoMoLove in your post.

      Looking forward to stopping by your site to give you some NaBloPoMo Love and getting to know you too.



  2. I’ll be dropping by. I’ve set myself an even more crazy challenge – try to comment on as many blogs as possible, plus, add them all to my feed reader!

    I’m organising it so there will be max 20 blogs per folder and that way I can read them all in small chunks rather than it being overwhelming.

    Glad you posted this, I’ve added the other 3 blogs as well now.

    Happy NaBloPoMo-ing to you!


    • Great! I look forward to seeing you and reading your comments. That’s a good challenge to impose on yourself. And I’ve added you to my NaBlPoMoLove reader as well. It’s growing, so I’m going to have to come up with a pretty strict reading plan. Gotta make sure I spread the love. ♡

      Good luck! 🙂


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