It’s That Time Again: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

One of my all time favorite holiday shows is, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. And tonight at 7pm I will eagerly tune in and watch the Peanuts gang, as has been my tradition every year since I was a child.

For just one night I will be transported back to a time when the only thing I had to worry about was what the Great Pumpkin was going to bring me.

But by far the best part of It’s the Great Pumpkin is when Sally meets Linus in the pumpkin patch (notice how she’s all hearts), misses out on ‘tricks or treats’ (notice how she turns), and jacks him right there in said pumpkin patch.

Poor Sally was scorned early on. I wonder what she’s like today. What about Linus? Is he still waiting in the Pumpkin patch and does he still have that security blanket? And poor Charlie Brown. Is he the Bill Gates of the cartoon world? or dare I say, still trying to kick that blasted football. I betcha Lucy is a Tiger Mom, and has Pig Pen learned about soap and water? Did Peppermint Patty ever come out? and did Schroeder ever become a famous classical pianist or did he tap out before he hit puberty?

Don’t judge me. I know I’ve put way too much thought in trying to figure out the fates of my beloved Peanuts characters.

What’s your favorite holiday movie or T.V. show?

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