What’s Your Opinion? – Conformity

I was going to start the Opinion Question(s) next month, but last night I had a dream that agitated me quite a bit; and was no doubt sparked by an earlier conversation.

In this dream I was arguing with someone and telling them that ‘I don’t have to conform. I’m an individual.’ And they kept telling me that I had to conform.

So, here are the questions. Please share you thoughts in the comments section. You can answer as many of the questions as you’d like.

  • Is being a conformist dangerous?
  • Are we loosing out identity?
  • Have we lost our individuality?
  • Were we ever individuals?
  • Did we ever have our own identity?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Opinion? – Conformity

  1. I believe in being a total individual… to a fault. The European Mass Man of the 1930’s is an example of the exact opposite – and with the ensuing catastrophic results.
    But honestly, I have probably conformed a lot more in my life than I care to admit.
    It’s nice to take a stand once in a while, even if you stand alone.


  2. There is a huge urge in humans to conform. I think some degree of conformity is OK, but we need to stay individuals. We also need to be thinking individuals. We conform where it doesn’t hurt anyone and where we don’t totally submerge our selves into population at large.

    I think there is a very big danger with being a conformist. People give up moral responsibility to the people around them. they don’t think for themselves. They begin to hate those who don’t conform.

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