Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee . . .

I’d tell you that over the past couple of weeks I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster.

I called home during my lunch break as is my custom, but I was greeted with the news that my uncle – my mother’s brother – had passed away unexpectedly. Not exactly what you call home for. And as I am searching for plane tickets home it becomes abundantly clear that I won’t be going to the funeral. I couldn’t fathom spending nearly $600, albeit round trip, for a plane ticket. And no it wasn’t first class. So, I told my grandmother and knew I was being summoned when she said she would pay for it. Needless to say I didn’t take her up on that offer. I’m glad I went because it was an awesome home going. It was definitely a celebration of life. Good ole down home southern style home going.

I call funerals an unofficial family reunion. It seems to be the time when families get together and you meet relatives you’ve never met, reacquaint yourselves with others and promise to stay in touch to only fall out of touch a month or two later – if that long.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell  you my former coworker that had it out for me has resurfaced and has invented a new ax to grind. When the office administrator and I talked about the latest round of accusations, I got so angry I started shaking. I’m used to people lying on me to save their butts, but it still angers me; especially when it’s crystal clear that you were the primary cause of your own demise.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you that in spite of the above going’s on. I managed to pull myself together and have a pretty fantabulous Thanksgiving. I went out with some friends. Tim invited me over and it was originally supposed to be Tim, his partner Tom, and a couple of other friends; but his loser (that’s Tim’s word not mine) friends bailed to play some video game. So, Tim, Tom and I decided to go out for dinner and have dessert back at the house.

Good food, bundtinis, wine, good company and conversation what more could one ask for? Well, I shall tell you. We were watching the latest season of South Park and then Tom in his infinite wisdom asked me if I knew who Amanda Lepore is. Now I’ve heard the name, but I’m not up on a lot of stuff. So, Tom gives Tim this look and Tim stops South Park and pulls up a commercial Lepore did for MAC cosmetics. Needless to say it was a bit draw dropping. You can YouTube it if you like, but I warn you.

From there we went on to Milk’s make up tips and took a stroll down our childhood memory lanes. I introduced them to HR Puffnstuff and Sigmund the Sea Monster, which none of us had had enough alcohol in our systems to endure. I found out that Tim liked Jem (I didn’t much car for Jem, but oh well), and Tom was all over Rocky and Bullwinkle.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you that I’ve been tinkering with the look of my sites and I’m almost really satisfied with them. I was going to wait until next year, but figured what the heck. Might as well get this over with so I can focus on creating a blogging schedule I can stick to, which includes creating content and visiting and commenting on other blogs, too. I already know I won’t post every day.

Since I’ve gone back to handwriting my posts before typing them up, I’ve noticed that making a blog post is going a lot slower. I find myself thinking about and scrutinizing every word, which is good right? I’m sure as I go on my writing will tighten up and things will go a lot faster.

I also discovered there is an overabundance of the use of “I” or some type of “I” contraction in my writing and it’s a goal of mine to try to lessen it’s use by the time 2016 rolls around.

Well, thanks for joining me and I apologize for the time I’ve kept you, but all-in-all hope you’ve enjoyed your stay. Until next time.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Sorry to hear about your Uncle and I agree with you about funerals. I was an a cousin’s wedding over the weekend and my uncle stayed here overnight and he started talking about the primary school thy went to and they did the most extraordinary things like growing pineapples and they each had to bring up a calf and my uncle’s one disgraced itself by jumping the fence and getting pregnant…the hussy!
    I love all those family stories and I’ll have to interrogate my mother some more.
    Things are incredibly busy here as the end of the school year approaches and both my kids go to new schools next year and that’ll be a huge change both for them and for me.
    Thanks for coffee and the chat!
    xx Rowena


    • I tell you those doggone cows! 🙂 You just can’t control them. Family stories are great, especially if the storyteller is funny. Like my aunt tells this story of my mother visiting her in the hospital and how my mother passed out. My aunt is so animated when she demonstrates her going down. And some how she adds another element each time she tells the story.

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  2. Very sorry to hear about your Uncle. The airfare are outrageous, I agree. When my brother flew home for my mother’s funeral, he was able to get a “bereavement rate” which lowered the cost significantly.
    Your thanksgiving sound fun. I remember HR Puffinstuff too! How about Josie and the Pussycats? 😊


    • Thanks Nancy. It’s ridiculous what the airlines are charging these days. If I’m not mistaken most airlines have gotten rid off or getting rid of the bereavement rate. I didn’t care for Jolie and the Pussycats either, but I loved me some He-Man

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  3. Sorry to hear about your uncle, but I am glad that you were able to go home and that you had a good time while you were there. Hope the coming week is a bit less eventful for you and gives you a chance to relax a bit!


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