NaBloPoMo, Day 4: I’m Grateful for . . .

I certainly am grateful for Uber. On Sunday I was told that I have pink eye, which by the way I don’t.

Being a good patient, I followed up with my ophthalmologist yesterday and he took a thorough look at my eye and agrees that it’s some type of infection, but not pink eye. Yay. I think.

“So, what do I have?”

“Don’t know.”

Glad I didn’t have to pay a copay for that answer.

The long and the short of it — he thinks that it’s residual from when I had pneumonia a couple of weeks back. I’m a little thick sometimes, but that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And since I hold a lowly English/Com Sci degree what do I know.

Now why am I grateful for Uber. If you’ve ever used it, you know why. After my appointment, I got on my handy-dandy Uber app, scheduled a pick up, and a car was there in less than 5 minutes. Holla! If I called for a taxi, I might still be waiting for one to arrive.

Anyway, here are a few reasons why I’m grateful for Uber:

  1. Cheaper than a taxi (and by the way my taxi ride to the ophthalmologist without tip was $2.00 more than my total Uber ride)
  2. Less waiting time
  3. You get an estimate of the cost
  4. After the trip is over you get an email with the cost and a map
  5. For those tip challenged folks, you don’t have to figure out tip, as it’s already included
  6. You know who’s picking you up


8 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo, Day 4: I’m Grateful for . . .

      • I went to a convention in Anaheim over the summer and that’s all we used too.
        NaMo is going well! It’s a bit overwhelming with school and stuff but it’s encouraging good time management which I can’t complain about. How’s it going for you? You had things scheduled I know but still, 4 blogs is a lot.


      • Overwhelming too. Since my eye incident I’ve fallen behind because it hurts to look at the computer screen, but hopefully this weekend I can get them all caught up.

        And you are so right it does encourage and promote time management. I applaud you for doing this while in school. I’m not sure I would have been able to do it.

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