Who Do You Vote For . . . ?

I have a dilemma and I’m sure thousands of other Americans are facing the same dilemma. Who do you vote for when none of the candidates (Republican or Democrat) make you want to vote for them. I’m speaking more about their platforms. I’ve read as much as possible on them. I’ve listened. I’ve watched. And neither of them as far as I’m concerned deserve the Gubernatorial post.

People have said just vote Democrat. Yes, I’m a registered Democrat, but my views a more conservative. I’ve studied both candidates, scrutinized their platforms and I still don’t get a sense of who’s right for the state. I don’t have the confidence that either candidate will move the state in a positive direction.

Part of the reason I’m undecided is because when I see the negative campaign ads. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather the candidates take that campaign money and put it into telling me us what they are going to do for us. Instead of 2 ads telling us what they’re going to do and 4 ads bad mouthing their opponent how about 5 ads telling us what you’re going to do and 1 ad bad mouthing their opponent. Let your plan speak for you not how Anthony Brown is an extension of the Obama or O’Malley administration or how Larry Hogan is a right wing conservative that’s out of touch with Marylanders.

And I love how Larry Hogan got some token African-American to say she’s switching party lines because she doesn’t think that Anthony Brown is what Maryland needs. As if that’s enough to win the African-American vote. How about what you do Mr. Hogan is go out there into some of the predominately African-American communities and hold town hall meetings about your plan for Maryland and it’s people.  I didn’t see or hear about you campaigning in predominately black communities. If you want the vote you’ve got to do that.

This is nothing but grade school antics: “Be my friend and not his.” But you have yet to fully articulate why I should be your friend. Is it because you haven’t truly figure out why I should, but you know the more friends you have the more powerful you are on the playground  and the others are less likely to challenge you?

It’s the day before election day and as far as I’m concerned neither candidate has the qualities I want in a Governor.

So what do I do? I want to exercise my right to vote, but am at a loss. I feel like I’m screwed either way I vote and if I don’t I’m still screwed.

13 thoughts on “Who Do You Vote For . . . ?

  1. Thanks for the post. I always enjoy reading your blog. It is very interesting. I voted yesterday as well, and I am in VA. I find myself holding my nose a lot at the polls. Especially recently. I agree there should be term limits for our congress. In addition, I think it is time the expanded the House. In reading about history, our government has removed the representation of the people by not allowing the house to expand to match the population. But that is another post I am sure.

    Thanks for voting, and I hope the winners this past week will move us forward.


  2. I find it to be difficult this year because I’ve only lived in WA state for a little over a year. I’ve read up on each candidate, and although I tend to vote more conservative, there are a couple where I find myself disliking both parties’ candidates. I asked my husband what he would do, and he said he would just leave that spot blank.


  3. I know it’s not PC (then again, I use a Mac), but I’ve decided that if I don’t care for either candidate then I will vote against anyone who has been in office more than 3 terms. If they can’t accomplish their tasks in that amount of time, then it’s time for someone else to give it a shot. BTW, their task is to make me like them.

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    • That’s a really practical way to decide! I honestly never thought about looking at it like that, but you’re absolutely right. It’s definitely their task to earn likes and respect from their constituents, after all, they are working for us! 😉


      • It’s after the election now, and I won two, lost one. But I can’t say I’m surprised about the loss, this is a hardcore union state, and the former governor shot himself in the foot with independents.


    • Why is it that we can’t have the style of government we’re installing elsewhere? Divide each house into 3 groups – here it would be dem, rep, and no party (not independent, because that is a party that both groups send candidates into). Each group gets equal representation.


      • That’s an interesting thought. I don’t think that would work because we have too many, entirely to many career politicians. Personally, I think their terms should be limited. Just like Presidents and Governors can only two four-year terms that’s what they should be upheld to. Maybe if that happens we might get a more functional government.

        Oh wait who am I fooling? They have to vote on that and they’ll find a way to screw that up.


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