How old is too old?

I work with perhaps some of the most childish individulas over the age of 50, I have ever worked with. I mean really what is your problem? I hated Junior High and High School with a passion and I have no intention of going back there from grown ass peoople (women) who should know better.

A couple of weeks ago one woman, whose pushing 60, threw a temper tantrum. Literally a damn temper tantrum. She hasn’t spoken to me since and does everything she can to avoid me. Perfectly fine by me. She went to our supervisor this morning and told her that I’m being favored over her. What the fuck is wrong with you? Is you life that miserable that you feel the need to deflect your inadequacies onto me.

Here’s my thought process. Perhaps you should worry about what’s going on in your own house. For example, bring your butt to work (now there’s a novel idea) than your people won’t constantly come to me for help and when you’re here do your job, so your people don’t come to me.

Maybe I’m wrong or delusional or maybe I should just bring in some pacifiers, diapers, and plastic keys.


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