America the Beautiful Can and Should be Sung in Multiple Languages

One of the reasons why I watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials and there were a couple of stand outs for me, but the one that stood out the most is also the one that’s the most controversial. It’s the Coca-Cola “It’s Beautiful” commercial. If you’re not familiar with it take a moment to watch it before reading on.

You obviously noticed that America the Beautiful is sung in multiple languages. I’m not quite sure why this commercial is so controversial and I’ve read tweets and a bunch of other comments and I still haven’t figured it out.

Here are just a couple:

Just a FYI folks “America the Beautiful” is not the National Anthem. The National Anthem is the “Star Spangled Banner.” And actually this song can and should be sung in different languages.

Let’s talk about the English language for just a minute.  The English language we know today is an amalgamation of many languages or as some people may say a borrowed or hybrid language. Our base language is German, however many of our words are French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, and the list goes on. So, for anyone to say “America the Beautiful” should only be sung in English is wrong.

Secondly, English is not the official language of the United States. It is the primary language, but has never been instituted as the official language. When the first settlers came to what they termed New England, later to be called America and the United States there were several other languages spoken here already by the Native American’s, the original inhabitants of this great land. So, yes “America the Beautiful” can be sung in multiple languages.

People are claiming their patriotism behind this and I find it very interesting that the harshest comments are coming from those that claim to be patriotic and love God. My question is, do you know the words to “America the Beautiful”  and do you know what they mean.  If not take a few minutes to listen to it in “English” and mull over the lyrics and the true meaning of the song.

Now that you have mulled over the lyrics has your thinking changed any. Probably not and I’m really not trying to change your thinking with this post, but maybe just maybe open your mind a wee little bit. Sadly for the small percentage of you out there that are raising hell about this commercial the fact is AMERICA is made up of an amalgamation of people, just like the ENGLISH language is made up of multiple languages.

With the first immigrants to this country (probably all of our ancestors) the New World or America has been a symbol of hope and freedom and it’s a place that people have come to escape persecution from their beliefs and the way they live.

There is a word that I absolutely hate and that is assimilate. For whatever reason Americans want immigrants to leave their culture behind and assimilate to the American culture, however in order to survive  our forefathers have assimilated other cultures into what we now know as American culture. What I don’t understand is why can’t someone who comes from China or Mexico or India or Ethiopia or wherever they hail from maintain their heritage to include their language? Being different is what makes this world go round and what makes us a beautiful people.

I wonder if the rest of the world is looking at us and wondering why so many people have their panties in a bunch over a blasted commercial that accurately depicts America and Americans. Americans are made up of different cultures, races, ethnicities, languages, etc. and this started way back when the first settlers (immigrants) came to this country. Your ancestors and my ancestors. This country has never been monolingual and never will be.

So, dig your hand way up your butt and pull out those panties because we are who we are and that is a mixture of people, who are proud to live in America and proud to be Americans no matter what language we speak.


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