Monday Motivation – Take a Smile

I’m participating or rather pseudo-partipating in WordPress’ Writing 101 and Day 7’s assignment was “Hook ’em with a quote”. It’s not a quote per se,but the bottom line is I think we need more of these in the world.

Take one and pass it along. Who knows we might start something.

take a smile

A List or Two

I’m participating in WordPress’ Writing 101 and taking a bit of time to catch up with the assignments. The Day 2 assignment was to write a list on: (1) Things I’ve learned or (2) Things I Like or (3) Things I wish . And since I’m an overachiever I did two out of three. Actually, I did all three, but the ‘things I’ve learned’ list is a little more personal for me to share at this time.

Things I Wish

  1. That we actually had politicians that cared for the people that elect them
  2. I wish I had a never ending supply of Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel ice cream. I’m so addicted  Continue reading

Weekend Coffee Share ☕️

weekendcoffeeshareThanks for stopping by today for coffee, tea, and as it’s getting a bit cooler a spot of hot chocolate, and yes there’s whip cream and mini marshmallows. Please feel free to partake in the assorted pastries and fruit for those of you going carb free today. And I tried to be sensitive to those of you that may have a gluten allergy, too.

I hope everyone had a good week. My week was a bit unpleasant, but I’ll get to that later. This past Sunday, I went to a church called New Hope Baptist Church and really enjoyed it. So, I think I’m getting closer to finding a church home. I’m going back tomorrow. One because Continue reading