I was asked . . .

Today, I had lunch with a couple of friends and was asked if I would officiate their wedding.

Heck yeah. I’d be honored.

Big smiles. 😃😃😂😂

You Can’t Fix Stupid.

I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show on my way to the train station today and caught the tail end of a story, where the entire cast was befuddled and upset.

After getting to work I had to see what the hubbub was about. And let me tell you as comedian Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

So, here’s the deal.

A Tennessee woman, Shona Carter-Brooks, walked down the aisle with her one month old baby strapped to the train of her wedding dress. Really?! Who the hell does this? and Who in the world commends someone for having such a wonderfully stupid idea?

What if someone stepped out into the aisle or she stumbles and fell back? This is by no means a wonderful idea. Nor is it cute.

I’ve seen some pretty stupid things take place at weddings, but this by far the dumbest and perhaps most dangerous.

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