Day 22: V is for Victory

In just a few short days the Blogging A to Z Challenge will be over. I’ve come across quite a few blogs that I’ve enjoyed, but as much as I want to there is no way to make around to everyone. Anyway on to letter of the day, which is ‘V’.

My friends and family know that I am a huge Family Guy fan and that Stewie is my favorite character. Not really sure what that says about me. When I sat down to write today’s Friday Fiction, “Victory is Mine” kept popping in my head. The way Stewie says it. And I kept smiling and laughing quietly to myself and smirking. I’m pretty sure the folks in the dentist’s office may have thought I was a few bottle caps short. After all people don’t chuckle before going back to the torture chamber. see the dentist. Right? 😈