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Twitter Rant

It’s bad enough I hate social media (Facebook, Twitter, and the like), but when I’m trying to do something, i.e. send a damn tweet and I’m being told I can’t because someone isn’t following me and they are, I have a problem with that.

Then when I take out the hashtag and @ sign and try again you, Twitter, still tell me I cannot send tweet for the same damn reason. I even go so far as to retype and take the link. So no link, no hashtags, no @ sign and I still can’t send a tweet, but if I type “Test” you want to send that.

What the hell are you doing?


Ethics vs. Social Media

I was reading the Washington Post online this morning and there’s an article in the Health section regarding a little boy by the name of Josh Hardy. If you’re not familiar with the story he’s 7 years old and currently fighting a treatable infection after having a bone marrow transplant.

His parents asked the drug company, Chimerix, to provide him with a potentially life saving medication. The drug is still in the experimental phase and according to the drug company hasn’t undergone the necessary tests to be safe for children.

I don’t have children and truthfully don’t have a desire to have any. However, I am a big supprter of childrens’ rights and making sure they are taken care of properly and not given the short end of the stick and when I first heard this story I thought Josh was getting the short end of the stick. Someone told me a long time ago, Continue reading