Guest Post: Skip a Grade, Break Taboo

As a child, I loved school. Every day was an exciting adventure of learning. I was smart, motivated, and always eager to share my knowledge with others. In fourth grade, that drive started to sputter like an old clunky car. Having transferred from private school the year before, I found public school repetitive. The other kids didn’t have the same level of passion for learning. I found myself faking sick in order to stay home and read, which was far more captivating that the disappointingly basic lessons on how to read a map or how a story has a beginning, middle, and end. My fifth grade teacher tried her best to engage my exploratory disposition. She gave me alternate assignments when she could, but often they were additional projects that turned the regular exercises into busy work. Continue reading

Breaking Taboo — A February posting series

There are a ton of topics out there we don’t talk about. We sweep them under the rug like they’re miraculously going to disappear, but they don’t and they won’t until we grow some cojones and open our mouths and start a dialogue.

This month I’m going to talk about some of those things we dare not talk about because it makes us uncomfortable and the people we choose to sweep under the rug.

I would love for these posts to open up some dialogue here and outside the blog. It’s time we stop ignoring them.

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