Breaking Taboo: The concept of compassion

Life is all about the little things for me. The way I hear pitter patter of little footsteps on the hard wood floor in the morning. The excitement in the faces of my children when I walk into their rooms. The kiss goodbye from my husband in the morning before he leaves for work. To me, I’d rather enjoy the little things, more than the huge events. Why? Life is composed of little things, much more than the big ones. Why let those go?

The average human being lives about 70 to 75 years. That information in mind, we as human beings have turned towards enjoying the negative, versus enjoying the positive. Why do I say that? Simple, it’s more exciting. It makes our adrenaline rush in anger, it gives us that ‘high’. We as human beings enjoy chaos. Why? That’s a question a lot of people want answered, but don’t want changed. How do I know this? Look on social media sites, look on the news, look on television in general. You see more murder and hospital shows popping up every six months than you do anything else. You see murders, rapes, mass murders, child abuse, and other heinous crimes plastered over the news. Social media loves drama and gossip. Positive events just don’t create that kind of story, that kind of interest. Sad to say, but it’s true.

So what happens when someone tries to create a positive situation, a positive scenario. It’s looked at with smiles and cheer for a few days, and with time it’s washed away like it never happened. It’s positive, therefore it doesn’t have a stigma that stays with it for a long time. However, like it’s bad and ugly counterpart the negative, it can stay for years, maybe lifetimes. When someone tries to change this, they’re either laughed at or ignored. What happened to love? What happened to the concept of compassion? It seems to me, that with time those things are vanishing faster and faster every generation. That, is a very frightening thing to think about for our children.

My advice, don’t give up on it. Don’t be afraid to hear some backlash. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in or to spread a smile. Don’t let the positive in the world wash away, we need more people to bring it back to where it’s supposed to be. Let’s make positive things be at the top of all our newsfeeds.

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Ethics vs. Social Media

I was reading the Washington Post online this morning and there’s an article in the Health section regarding a little boy by the name of Josh Hardy. If you’re not familiar with the story he’s 7 years old and currently fighting a treatable infection after having a bone marrow transplant.

His parents asked the drug company, Chimerix, to provide him with a potentially life saving medication. The drug is still in the experimental phase and according to the drug company hasn’t undergone the necessary tests to be safe for children.

I don’t have children and truthfully don’t have a desire to have any. However, I am a big supprter of childrens’ rights and making sure they are taken care of properly and not given the short end of the stick and when I first heard this story I thought Josh was getting the short end of the stick. Someone told me a long time ago, Continue reading