Results: Who Gossips More

On Tuesday, I posted a poll (Who Gossips More) because of a rather lively conversation I had with two male coworkers.

I’m not shocked with the results, but I was really hoping that women would score less than men. Oh well.

Here are the results of the poll and some comments:

Who Gossips More


Mara Easternmy husband reads gossipy magazines online (I rarely do, if ever) and he’s the one who’s curious about what the neighbours are up (I couldn’t care less, no matter that they’re fighting noisily).

MelIn the hope I’m not ostracized by my own sex, I think the men have this one. I’ve worked within teams of men and women and in my experience, the women gossiped more, though it depends on your definition. I’m thinking in terms of what their friends are doing, or who is in a relationship with whom – men usually don’t care about that stuff, but turn the subject to other things. That’s not to say they don’t secretly read women’s magazines and have an opinion! It’s all in the semantics I suppose

KylieI do not believe one sex gossips more than the other. I would not necessarily say that both sexes gossip equally either…I just believe that certain people gossip more than others. Both men and women enjoy it. So I suppose I do agree that it should not be said that women gossip more. But I do not believe it should be said that men gossip more either. Does that make sense?

trentpmcd:I tend to agree with Kylie – I think some individuals are more prone to gossip regardless of sex.

Who Gossips More?

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I was just having a discussion with a couple of co-workers and I being the troublemaker that I am said to my two male coworkers, “I don’t ever want to hear you say women gossip more.” Now, I knew that statement would start a lively discussion and I said it anyway. 😈 Ain’t I a stinker? Continue reading