Who Do You Vote For . . . ?

I have a dilemma and I’m sure thousands of other Americans are facing the same dilemma. Who do you vote for when none of the candidates (Republican or Democrat) make you want to vote for them. I’m speaking more about their platforms. I’ve read as much as possible on them. I’ve listened. I’ve watched. And neither of them as far as I’m concerned deserve the Gubernatorial post.

People have said just vote Democrat. Yes, I’m a registered Democrat, but my views a more conservative. I’ve studied both candidates, scrutinized their platforms and I still don’t get a sense of who’s right for the state. I don’t have the confidence that either candidate will move the state in a positive direction. Continue reading

Breaking Taboo: Ebola

Look, I feel I need to get this out there because I’m sick of paranoid people running around bumping their gums with useless words that just scare others. I’m also sick of our federal government just egging them on.

Ebola is scary. Yes, I will admit that. It has a 50/50 mortality rate, here in the United States. Ebola is fast, mean and deadly and the United States should NOT have allowed it brought over here in the first place. It should have stayed over there, where it belongs. However, it’s here. There is nothing we can do about it except learn what we can.

Ebola is zoonotic, meaning it came from animals. Bats in particular. That’s how this outbreak started, the bats bit the animals, the humans ate the animals, the humans got Ebola.

Ebola can only be spread by direct contact with bodily fluids. Vomit, feces, blood etc, etc. If you don’t have any open cuts on your skin, just don’t put your hands hear your eyes,nose or mouth. Yes door knobs and toilet seats can have the Ebola Virus on them. Know how to prevent catching anything? Washing your hands and hand sanitizer. Lysol if you’re paranoid. You shouldn’t be putting your hands around or in any hole in your face often, so don’t do it now especially. Keep your kids clean, always enforce hand washing and deter nose picking.
We all know a kid has to try picking their nose at least once in life.

Ebola seems like the flu but it’s a really crappier version. You end up bleeding out of every hole you can, you immune system is shot to hell, and you can’t really do much. Go to the doctor when something doesn’t seem right. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure, and check ups are good for you anyway.

If these facts and tips don’t alleviate your worries about Ebola, you could always be a hermit. Ebola won’t ever get you if you’re alone, right?

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Breaking Taboo: ISIS, Your love is my poison

ISIS, or ISIL as some politicians call them, has beheaded four people. Let’s just call it five for the sake of it, since our president hasn’t done anything to save the other beheaded Individuals, including American Steven Sotloff.

Be warned, I don’t like our president or his policies. If you can’t handle that, turn away and read another post. Maybe one about bunnies, or unicorns.

Now before we proceed further not all Muslims are bad. These members of Islam are radical and extremists. Be careful what you say and how you categorize people.Now, ISIS seems to have an issue with the western world,it’s structure and quite frankly dying. Yeah, can’t exactly blame them. Dying isn’t on my to-do list either. However, killing innocent people, simply because of their nationality or religion is quite frankly stupid. What’s even more stupid is the fact that our president is being extremely relaxed with how this situation is handled. How many people have to die before something is truly done? How many terrorists get inside this country before we do something? How many innocent Americans have to die before our president grows a pair of balls and says the hell with political correctness and making people happy?

When does this end? Why does their love of destruction and death still continue to be our poison Mr. President?

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Stay? or Go?

My plan was to stay away from this topic, but the more and more I hear the more and more frustrated and angry I become, because if we (the United States) don’t do something about it right now it’s going to become so bad we will not be able to recover fiscally.

According to the latest numbers I could find since October 2013 more than 52,000 unaccompanied minors have fled their homes in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras) and crossed the border into the United States. And according to a recent Washington Post article the White House will ask for $3.8 billion to deal with the influx. Continue reading