Ethics vs. Social Media

I was reading the Washington Post online this morning and there’s an article in the Health section regarding a little boy by the name of Josh Hardy. If you’re not familiar with the story he’s 7 years old and currently fighting a treatable infection after having a bone marrow transplant.

His parents asked the drug company, Chimerix, to provide him with a potentially life saving medication. The drug is still in the experimental phase and according to the drug company hasn’t undergone the necessary tests to be safe for children.

I don’t have children and truthfully don’t have a desire to have any. However, I am a big supprter of childrens’ rights and making sure they are taken care of properly and not given the short end of the stick and when I first heard this story I thought Josh was getting the short end of the stick. Someone told me a long time ago, Continue reading

10 Pet Peeves

We’ve all got pet peeves and here are 10 of mine.  What are some of yours?

1. Snow days on my day off — Oh what do you mean, E? Well, I’ll be damned. I took yesterday off (scheduled pre-mother nature). It was my day to take my car to the shop and get caught up on homework — neither of which happened. It snowed Sunday night and my office closed Monday. What the frack? I used a vacation day and all I had to do was wait for mother nature to drop a few inches of snow.

Dear Mother Nature,

You owe me and I expect to be compensated in full in the very near future.

2. People who don’t clean off their snow covered cars in full. Since  Continue reading

It’s obvious you can’t help it…

. . . but being a 24 hour dick has got to be tiring.

That is all. Drive through.