If We Were Having Coffee. . .

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you I haven’t been keeping up with the Blogging A to Z Challenge. My mother was here helping me get settled and just left, so I should be back on track. I’m going to go back and get the days I missed posted. And I haven’t really had a chance to check out too many A to Z participants either. Hangs head low.

Anyway, I’m going to make a concerted effort to get back on track – posting, visiting, and commenting.

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NaBloPoMo, Day 6: I’m Grateful for. . .

Some of my favorite Frank Underwood (F. U.)

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Netflix is the Devil

It’s after midnight and here I am scrolling through Netflix (living my relatively boring life) and guess what I come across.

One of my all time favorite movies — West Side Story . . . I have loved this movie since I was a kid and I can sing all the songs, recite some dialogue, and do some of the choreography. Not actor, singer, dancer style but girl in bedroom or basement embarrassing herself, by herself kind of thing.

Let gang members go around dancing in the street now. Guaranteed they won’t make half a block. But it would nice if differences could be settled through well choreographed dance number.

The greatest love scene ever . . .

Here’s another one of my favorite scenes

I Don’t Watch TV, but . . .

These days, I find television to be a bunch of mindless dribble, and for the most part quite difficult and even painful to watch.

Comedies that aren’t funny, drama’s that are more like bad dramadies and reality television that’s way too draining, ridiculous, and not real.

However there is one show that has caught my attention and it’s not even on network television or even cable. It’s a Netflix original series, which is an adaptation of the BBCs series of the same name. House of Cards.  It’s a political drama that stars Kevin Spacey as Francis (Frank) Underwood as the House Majority Whip who has been passed over for the Secretary of State appointment and is now bent on revenge. And boy does he exact it.

I’m addicted to House of Cards.  Addicted, I tell you.

I’m going on record and say that I hate politics. I’ll get into that in another post, but I love, love House of Cards. If you have Netflilx and haven’t watched it — watch it. If you don’t have Netflix find someone who does and watch it. I guarantee you’ll get hooked.

Can’t wait tip February 14 — Season 2 starts.