Weekend Coffee Share – NaBloPoMo & Other Stuff

Welcome, welcome, welcome! 🙂 I hope ya’ll had a great week. If you’re participating in National Blog Posting Month congratulations on one week under your belt. I started of NaBloPoMo with a bang, but fizzled pretty quick.

Here’s a quick recap:

 20/20 Hines Sight 

I didn’t post on Thursday or Friday. Thursday’s are meant for me to share some of my favorite Ted Talks and sill me thought I had them bookmarked. Continue reading

A List of Some Stuff

Well, well, well. To add on to the already mounting pressure of NaBloPoMo on not one, not two, but four blogs, I also signed up for WordPress’ Blogging U: Writing 101. Yay. Actually, I forgot about it until I received the email Sunday night. Oh snapitty snap snap.

Anyway, I had a list post scheduled for later this week when I knew that I would be feeling the pressure/burn of the NaBloPoMo challenge. But I figured since day two of Writing 101 was to do a list I said what the heck.

5 Things I’ve learned

  1. I’m much stronger and more resilient than I thought I was  Continue reading

Weekend Coffee Share ☕️

I wasn’t sure what to talk about for this weeks Weekend Coffee Share, as it has been an oddly slow but hectic week.

If we were having coffee . . .

I’d say nothing really exciting happened this week. It seems like my former coworker is finally moving on and the hired her replacement. He seems to be on his A-game. He’s not too tightly wound and it appears he has a wicked sense of humor, so I think he’ll fit right in with our band of bandits and misfits.

This weekend I decided to go old school Continue reading