Friday Fiction — It’s Not What it Seems . . .

Welp it’s Friday and it’s time for Friday Fiction.

This is one of my favorite short stories, which was originally posted on my short story blog (A Short A Day).

Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!

“Where are you taking me?” I scream as I’m led down a long stark white hallway. There are two men — giants, I think — one on each side of me, and each has an arm. I feel like a wishbone. Any moment they could take my arms and pull in opposite directions and they would rip right of the sockets.

“Where are you taking me,” I continue screaming. They keep looking straight ahead and continue walking in silence. I purposely stop walking and fall to the ground like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. They quietly pick me up off the cold floor and continue walking. Continue reading

Friday Fiction – Jacob

This weeks Friday Fiction is brought to you by the photo prompt below and  Flash! Friday. Enjoy! and have a great weekend.


She lay cying in a fetal positing in the bike tunnel. Asking why. Begging him to stay. Telling him she needed him. They needed him.

Jacob knelt down and gave her one last hug and kiss and whispered. “No. You don’t need me anymore. You’ll soon realize that.” He looked her in the eyes and smiled, “And besides, if I remember correctly, you told me yesterday you couldn’t wait til I was gone.”

As he stood he told her, “I came to do what needed to be done. It’s done and I have to go now.”

She jumped up and threw her arms around him, “But . . .”

“No worries.”

Jacob helped her steady herself on her bicycle. Once she reached the tunnel entrance she turned and waved. “We’ll miss you.”

Straightening the basket and smoothing the streamers she played the tune he taught her on the bicycle bell, and with each chord the memory of Jacob faded.

Word Count: 154

I need to get a life, I think . . .

It’s painfully obvious I need to get a life. Single Ladies came up on my iTunes playlist and my memory bank went back to this SNL skit with Justine Timberlake and Beyonce.

Justin Timberlake – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Beyoncé) from Title San on Vimeo.

Happy Anti-Valentines Day

If you celebrate or even love Valentine’s Day then you probably want to bypass reading this post.


This notion of ‘Be Mine’, ‘Be My Valentine’, and a host of other sayings begins its indoctrination in elementary school, maybe sooner. I don’t remember the first time I was forced by my teacher to go out and get those packs of Valentine’s Day cards for my classmates.

We would tape a little bag on the edge of our desk and run around the classroom like the little gremlins we were chucking those cards into those little red, pink, or white bags. Admittedly Continue reading