Day 13: Marshmallow Treats, Anyone?

Well, well, well. Here we are. Half way through the challenge. Give yourselves a rousing round of applause, high five, fist bump, pat on the back, kiss on the cheek or any other form of congratulatory you’d like to bestow upon yourself. ⭐

Today’s letter is ‘M’ and Arlee Bird, the man behind the A to Z Challenge gave me the word Marshmallow. When I saw it, I immediately knew what I was going to post about. Stop by a visit Arlee over at Tossing it Out. Enjoy and always feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Heck yeah! 🙂 Mouth watering deliciousness.

Who doesn’t like a marshmallow treat? If you don’t like marshmallow treats then 1) something is seriously wrong with you and 2) you probably shouldn’t read anymore of this post.

Believe it or not a proper marshmallow treat doesn’t come pre-made. Sorry Kellogg’s, but those prepackaged treats are overpriced crap. You’ve gotta make those bad boys at home on your stove yourself. But if you want a better marshmallow treat make your own damn marshmallows. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

This recipe I got from Alton Brown’s Good Continue reading