Dating Sucks

Update: The link no longer words, so I’m posting it in its entirety.

I had the pleasure of Guest Posting for HarsH ReaLiTy back in April and this is one of the posts I did.

Oh my gosh, how I loathe going out on dates, especially first dates. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who wishes they could bypass the awkward first date.

My date and I settle down into a semi-comfortable state. A glass of wine in hand. I personally wanted to tell the waiter to leave the bottle. I had a feeling I might need it and I did, along with an ice pick to stab myself in the ears. Yep it was pretty brutal. But who knows he might have been thinking the same thing too.

Nice guy, not bad-looking, smart, and a decent job. So, what was wrong? Not too much other than he has the personality of a box of rocks and the fact that by the end of the evening I knew more about his ex than him. Continue reading

Happy Anti-Valentines Day

If you celebrate or even love Valentine’s Day then you probably want to bypass reading this post.


This notion of ‘Be Mine’, ‘Be My Valentine’, and a host of other sayings begins its indoctrination in elementary school, maybe sooner. I don’t remember the first time I was forced by my teacher to go out and get those packs of Valentine’s Day cards for my classmates.

We would tape a little bag on the edge of our desk and run around the classroom like the little gremlins we were chucking those cards into those little red, pink, or white bags. Admittedly Continue reading