I was asked . . .

Today, I had lunch with a couple of friends and was asked if I would officiate their wedding.

Heck yeah. I’d be honored.

Big smiles. 😃😃😂😂

What’s Your Opinion? – Conformity

I was going to start the Opinion Question(s) next month, but last night I had a dream that agitated me quite a bit; and was no doubt sparked by an earlier conversation.

In this dream I was arguing with someone and telling them that ‘I don’t have to conform. I’m an individual.’ And they kept telling me that I had to conform.

So, here are the questions. Please share you thoughts in the comments section. You can answer as many of the questions as you’d like.

  • Is being a conformist dangerous?
  • Are we loosing out identity?
  • Have we lost our individuality?
  • Were we ever individuals?
  • Did we ever have our own identity?

Weekend Coffee Share [1.17.16]

Hi all and thanks for stopping by. At first I wasn’t going to do a coffee share post. Why? (1) I haven’t posted anything since the last coffee share and (2) Nothing worn sharing happened last week, at least so I thought.

Last week I purchased my belated Christmas gift – the new Apple TV. Let’s just say LOVE IT!! 😍❤️ I haven’t played a video game in a long time. I downloaded Crossy Road and am officially addicted. However, I keep either getting eaten by a hawk or getting hit by a truck.

I’ve been thinking Continue reading

Weekend Coffee Share 1.9.16

Happy first full week of 2016! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. My week was pretty decent. I went grocery shopping, so my cupboards are fully stocked. Please help yourself to the homemade hot chocolate (sorry no marshmallows), coffee (decaf and regular), tea (black and green) and of course water and OJ. I made some banana bread, so have some. It’s pretty tasty if I must say so.

I woke up this morning feeling a little melancholy. Missing family. I called home and probably about 5 minutes into the conversation with my mom Continue reading

[1] Weekly Smile

Trent over at Trent’s World (the Blog) has started something called the Weekly Smile. You know it’s been proven that when people smile at you you can’t help but get a warm fuzzy and smile back.

So, I think my weekly smile is pretty apropos.

Monday, I woke up with a pretty incredible pain in my lower left jaw. I immediately thought, “Oh crap a cavity!” Then as is my way I began to self diagnose. Can’t be a cavity because I was just at the dentist in November and I was cavity free. And there’s no way you can develop a cavity that causes that much pain in less than two months.

I continued with my diagnosis Continue reading