Day 9: Nine Things I’m grateful for . . .

I decided to change-up the 12 Days of Christmas order a bit. Today’s post is:

9 Things I’m grateful for . . . 

  1. Being able to spend it with family and friends
  2. My grandmother. She’s a super strong woman and I hope that when I’m her age I still have all my faculties and am just as super fly as she is.
  3. Being able to give without putting myself in debt
  4. This is kind of a hallelujah and an Awww. That it’s warm and there is no snow.
  5. My sister’s lasagna. I am Garfield when it comes to lasagna.
    Garfield, I love lasagna
  6. That I don’t have to wear ‘church clothes’ to church tomorrow.
  7. My sock puppet footie pajamas. (I’ll show you a picture of me in it later.)
  8. Gummi Bears – Haribo Gummi Bears to be exact
  9. I will be quite thankful for this. 3 bean chili, I shall be making tomorrow.