My Irrational Fear. Or is It?

I was walking back to the metro station after my doctor’s appointment, in which I was told I still look and sound like crap. And for that I had to pay $40, but I digress.

Anyway, I’m walking back to the metro station and as I’m walking I begin having this thought about what I consider to be an irrational fear. Whenever I’m walking the mean streets of DC, I fear I’m going to face plant and knock out my teeth. I often think about going out and buying a mouth guard or asking my dentist for one.

No sooner had I completed the thought about my irrational fear than I do a walking trip. Kind of like tripping of the stairs. If my childhood ballet teacher saw that, I’m sure she’d be impressed. Didn’t face plant, but it feels like I broke my toe. Not going back to the doctor for that. Will tape it to the next, pull out an old orthopedic shoe boot, put it on and keep it moving.