Day 3: The People Struggle is Real

I had something different planned for today, but then after the last few days I’ve had felt this to be apropos.

I saw this posted on Thought Catalog a while ago, “19 Struggles Only People Who Hate People Understand”

1. When you’re sitting by yourself in a public place and someone sits next to you, your first instinct is great. I hope they don’t start talking to me.

2. Then they start talking and you’re like, CRAP.

3. They’re blah blahing about their day while you silently wonder who Continue reading

Chewbacca “Chewie” Mom

This mom has broken the record for Facebook hits. As of right now there are approximately 16,300,000 views. Click HERE to watch the video. It’s great. I laughed and cried and laughed a whole lot more.

Hope it puts a smile on your face, too.


Me & Myself Were at it Again

Like Netflix, Barnes and Noble is the Devil. Every time I go in there I come out with a book. However yesterday, I made the mistake of biting because they keep sending me 30% off coupons. I went under the guise of only buying ONE book – not that I need another book. I could probably open my own bookstore with the number of books I have. More unread than read.

Anyway, I went in with the intention of buying ONE book if I found something that struck me, but nooooo Barnes and Noble had to have Buy 2, Get 1 Free. I usually don’t, but this time they had three books I want to read. I picked them up walked around contemplating Continue reading

A Little Christmas Humor


You can run but you can’t hide Fatman. It’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong if the present I asked for is not in that bag.

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