Ethics vs. Social Media

I was reading the Washington Post online this morning and there’s an article in the Health section regarding a little boy by the name of Josh Hardy. If you’re not familiar with the story he’s 7 years old and currently fighting a treatable infection after having a bone marrow transplant.

His parents asked the drug company, Chimerix, to provide him with a potentially life saving medication. The drug is still in the experimental phase and according to the drug company hasn’t undergone the necessary tests to be safe for children.

I don’t have children and truthfully don’t have a desire to have any. However, I am a big supprter of childrens’ rights and making sure they are taken care of properly and not given the short end of the stick and when I first heard this story I thought Josh was getting the short end of the stick. Someone told me a long time ago, Continue reading

Holy Shit, I just dodged a bullet!!!

We have this lady at work that is forever baking and today she brought in some Valentine’s cookies. Everyone knows that I’m allergic to all tree nuts and she always lets me know if anything she bakes has nuts in it. Well today I got ahead of myself and one of her uber delicious cookies before I saw her to ask the question, “Any nuts?”

She told me when she saw me that I couldn’t have any of the cookies because they contained almonds. Oh well, I just had one about 10 minutes before that. And luckily, knock on wood nothing has happened. Good thing I go to the allergist tomorrow. Topic #1 of discussion.

Going on two hours and I’m still fine. There’s a little friendly banter going on about who’s going to stab me with the epi-pen. A couple of people are willing to kill for the opprotunity.


Breaking Taboo Part I — Mental Illness

I wanted to get this posted earlier today, but didn’t like the angle. I’ve written this post no less than half a dozen times, since the shooting at The Mall in Columbia. I decided to go with a short story. After reading it let’s open up the dialogue on mental illness. I know it’s a hard topic to talk about, but must be done.

January 2

I’m so glad the holidays are over. I hate them. They make feel even worse. Everyone is always looking to see what crazy looks like. Inside I laugh because they look crazy looking for crazy. Uncle Fred’s eyes bug out as soon as he sees me. Cousin Miranda looks at me like I’m about to explode. Cousin Aiden walks on egg shells, like I’m about to crack at any moment. Then there’s mom and dad. Mom hushes anyone who mentions the word crazy no matter the context and dad just gives people the stink eye. Well, the holidays are over and I’m still crazy.

January 9

I took my journal to the therapist. The therapist that no one knows I see. Dr. Continue reading

A Letter to Typhoid Harry

Dear Typhoid Harry,

For god sakes man wash your hands after you blow your nose and before getting cups and plasticware.

Now I know who the culprit is and the how’s and the why’s of why we keep getting sick around here.

Your coworkers are unsuspecting victims of your germs and we would appreciate just a little consideration. Please wash your snotty hands before touching anything in the kitchen.

You dear sir are plucking us off one at a time and it has stop. I appreciate your willingness to share, but I’m sure the rest of your coworkers would rather share a good joke and a laugh with you.

Please and thank you.

Out for the Count

Fair Warning! If any of this sounds incoherent it’s because I am.

It started earlier this week and by Thursday morning I had officially been served and knocked on my arse.

It started over the weekend with a runny nose and then a stuffy nose, then runny, then stuffy — you get the picture on the nose thing. Then some chest congestion and tightness, which is not good for me. I have asthma and if that crap settles in my chest it’s a sure trip to the hospital.

Anyway on Monday I make an urgent care appointment to stop whatever this is before it gets started. According to the doctor I’ve got the makings of sinus infection, which is moving into my chest. Halle-freakin-lujah. Prescription in hand, I head straight for the hospital pharmacy, get it filled, and pop the first pill. By Wednesday morning I’m feeling a little bit better in terms of balloon head passing; however, by the time I get home from work my body aches Continue reading