Just the Basics, Please and Thank You!

I do not claim to be a grammarian. I frequently refer to Grammar Girl, The Bedford Handbook, The Little Brown Handbook, and any other grammar guide in order to make sure I get it right. But what I can’t stand are “professional” people (or anyone for that matter) that don’t know the basic rules of usage.

1.  Believe it or not there is a difference between you’re and your.

  • You’re is a contraction of You Are
  • Your is the possessive form of You.

2.  Their, They’re, and There. So, what’s the difference other than spelling? A lot.

  • They’re is a contraction of They Are
  • Their is used to show possession.
  • There represents a place. Kind of like the word here. There is used to represent a specified place or maybe even an unspecified place
    • They’re at their house, which is over there. (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

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