Friday Fiction – Ascent

As Miriam climbed the grassy staircase she could feel the eyes burning holes in her back. She heard whispers, but couldn’t make out what was said.

Slowly ascending the stoney staircase, Miriam realized she would never return. She hesitated and was knocked off balance by a burst of wind that instructed her to continue the ascent.

When she reached the top it was waiting for her. She climbed in, shut the door, and wiped her eyes. Suddenly, she felt a sense of weightlessness; and the village and its inhabitants looked smaller than ever.  Soon the village disappeared beneath the clouds.

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt and is based off of the photo below. Please feel free to share constructive criticism.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright –Björn Rudberg

Day 28: Perfect Pain

It went on for hours. First the pain was mildly uncomfortable then it became intolerable.

“Make it stop!” I screamed. I wanted to give up, but they promised it would be over soon.

“Again,” he belted.

I screamed with the pain and suddenly it was over.

Relief and joy flooded me all at once, and I knew before I held him that he was perfect.

Fake A$$ Church Folk

I haven’t posted a Friday Fiction story in a while and I thought I’d go into the short story vault and pick out a favorite. I hope you enjoy it. If so, feel free to head over to A Short A Day and read some more.

“Will all visitors stand and remain standing.” Heads turn in all directions to see the handful of fresh, new faces that stand around the church.

“We’re so glad you are worshiping with us, as we know you could have attended another place of worship today. We want you to feel welcome, and a part of our church family because we are family.”

“Yeah right,” I think to myself. All the crap and foolishness I see going on here, if this is a how family act; then I want out.

“Now let’s make our visitors feel welcome, by greeting them with a smile and a holy hug.”

“Oh yeah,” I think. “We are family alright. The type of family that will smile in your face and stab you in the back all at the same time.” This is the part of the service I absolutely loathe. The same people who rolled their eyes at me coming into church and didn’t say two squirts of piss to me not even five minutes earlier are now going to start coming my way to give me a damn “holy hug.” Continue reading

Friday Fiction — It’s Not What it Seems . . .

Welp it’s Friday and it’s time for Friday Fiction.

This is one of my favorite short stories, which was originally posted on my short story blog (A Short A Day).

Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!

“Where are you taking me?” I scream as I’m led down a long stark white hallway. There are two men — giants, I think — one on each side of me, and each has an arm. I feel like a wishbone. Any moment they could take my arms and pull in opposite directions and they would rip right of the sockets.

“Where are you taking me,” I continue screaming. They keep looking straight ahead and continue walking in silence. I purposely stop walking and fall to the ground like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. They quietly pick me up off the cold floor and continue walking. Continue reading

Friday Fiction — Deadly Delicious

Today’s Friday Fiction was inspired by the folks over at Flash! Friday. Enjoy! And please feel free to share your thoughts.

Rose licked the berry juice from her hands.

They were especially plump and juicy. The reddish purple juice would flood from some of them so quickly she barely had time to catch it before it streamed down her arm and stained her white shirt sleeve.

Rose wondered if the stories were true. If you eat the berries you would die. She quickly popped one in her mouth and discovered it was the most sinfully delicious thing she had ever eaten.

She heard a boom in the distance and suddenly her white tunic and pants were covered in crimson red. Her bare feet began to feel warm. Looking at her feet she discovered she was standing in a reddish purple puddle.

Where was this coming from? No one else was around. She felt a warm steam down her leg. At that moment she realized the puddle was her own blood. She fell to the ground and smiled.

“Deadly delicious,” she said.