What are your Blogging A to Z Favorites?

I’ll keep this post sticky through the weekend.

At the end of the Blogging A to Z Challenge there were over 2000 participants. I made my rounds to quite a few blogs and there are quite a few I really enjoyed. I have a relatively simple, but yet not so simple request.

I would appreciate it if you would tell me three things (please provide links):

  1. One of your favorite blog posts that you wrote
  2. One blog I should visit, other than yours
  3. One blog post I should read, other than yours (this doesn’t have to be from the blog I should visit)

Why am I asking this? You know there’s no way one could make it around to over 2000 blogs during the challenge and I’d like to see what else I missed.

I’ll compile a list, which will be under A to Z Challenge 2014. Thanks in advance. 🙂