Me & Myself Were at it Again

Like Netflix, Barnes and Noble is the Devil. Every time I go in there I come out with a book. However yesterday, I made the mistake of biting because they keep sending me 30% off coupons. I went under the guise of only buying ONE book – not that I need another book. I could probably open my own bookstore with the number of books I have. More unread than read.

Anyway, I went in with the intention of buying ONE book if I found something that struck me, but nooooo Barnes and Noble had to have Buy 2, Get 1 Free. I usually don’t, but this time they had three books I want to read. I picked them up walked around contemplating Continue reading

Should Literature be Changed to be Politcally Correct?

Yesterday I wrote a post on Political Correctness (Walking on Eggshells) going to far. There was a realitively healthy and high-spirited debate between myself and another blogger. Doobster brought up a point in regards to word usage and one example was: “. . . there are just certain things that people don’t need to say, certain words that people find offensive that are just unnecessary, such as “the N-word.” For some reason in the middle of night, I woke up and thought about the move to take “nigger” out of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

When I heard about this several years ago I was outraged. How dare someone even suggest removing it and replacing it with another word.

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