Day 6: F is for Faith

This post was always going to be about Faith, but after reading The Artistic Christian‘s “E: Edgar Allan Poe and Universal Emotion, I got to thinking about my life’s trials and tribulations, my Christian walk, and my faith. In his post he says, “. . .when you remove faith from a person’s life, the result is the sort of raw terror and restlessness of spirit. . .”

I don’t know of any Christian that hasn’t at some point wrestled with his/her faith and asked, “Why God?” Continue reading

Monday Inspiration/Blogging from A to Z – [E]merson

Today we continue with the letter “E” in the Blogging from A to Z challenge and for my Monday Inspiration quote, I chose one from Ralph Waldo Emerson. He’s a favorite of mine.

Day 4: [D]enver Art Museum

I’m behind on my Blogging from A to Z posts. I pre write but when it comes time to post I’m not particularly fond of them. So, I end up either not posting or trying to rewrite.

Today, is the letter D and I spent the afternoon at the Denver Art Museum.


20150404_110441 Continue reading

Blogging from A to Z Schedule. Sort of. . .

So, the Blogging from A to Z Challenge started yesterday and I just realized I never told ya’ll what I was going to be posting. I don’t even know if it even matters since my theme is Randomness and Tomfoolery, but there is some method to the madness.

There will be some days that will have more than one post, but I promise no more than two. There will be some fun, whimsical posts, peppered with some serious topics. And here’s how the schedule kinda pans out.

Monday                                    Tuesday                          Wednesday
Monday Motivation                Random Post                  Wordless Wednesday

Thursday                                 Friday                              Saturday
Random Post                           Friday Fiction                 My Hometown (1st & 3rd)

Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up with the 52 Weeks/52 Blogs and for this month I’ll pick blogs/bloggers who are participating in the challenge. If you have any favorites blogs/bloggers in the challenge let me know. I’m always looking to add to my Reader.

Stay tuned for my letter “B” post.