The Big “C” or Not the Big “C”

2012-2013 weren’t particularly great years for me medically. They were pretty stressful and I’m glad my medical team was aggressive and I jumped on board sooner rather than later.

October 2012

10.3 — I had my first mammogram and I should have known something was up because they told me not to get dressed. The radiologist wanted additional images of my left breast. Well, of course I’m thinking, “Oh shit. What the hell is going on?” Belive me when I say I had a few more expletives running around in my head than that. So, I’ll let you fill in the expletive blanks.

I give the obligatory smile and follow the tech back to the mammography room. Whoever invented this blasted contraption should be whacked in the knee caps with an old-fashioned Louisville Slugger. Anyway, the tech arranges my breast on the glass and proceeds to bring down the gauntlet (the compression paddle). Bless her heart though she did ask me if it was to tight as she continues to compress.

Finally done and I get dressed and told to wait for the radiologist. Grrrr. I hate waiting. Finally, Continue reading