Weekend Coffee Share [1.17.16]

Hi all and thanks for stopping by. At first I wasn’t going to do a coffee share post. Why? (1) I haven’t posted anything since the last coffee share and (2) Nothing worn sharing happened last week, at least so I thought.

Last week I purchased my belated Christmas gift – the new Apple TV. Let’s just say LOVE IT!! 😍❤️ I haven’t played a video game in a long time. I downloaded Crossy Road and am officially addicted. However, I keep either getting eaten by a hawk or getting hit by a truck.

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Weekend Coffee Share – New Year’s Edition

Happy New Year!! I hope you all wonderful and safe holiday season. And thanks for stopping by for the first coffee share of the new year. I look forward to spending time with you this year. My apologies, I would offer you something, but I can’t because I have yet to grocery shopping. Next time.

If we were having coffee, you’d find me on my couch recovering. Yesterday, I flew in and had the audacity to get sick on the plane. However, I was determined not to be the sick person on the plane that caused an emergency landing. So, I kept pretty quiet until I Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee. . .

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you I haven’t been keeping up with the Blogging A to Z Challenge. My mother was here helping me get settled and just left, so I should be back on track. I’m going to go back and get the days I missed posted. And I haven’t really had a chance to check out too many A to Z participants either. Hangs head low.

Anyway, I’m going to make a concerted effort to get back on track – posting, visiting, and commenting.

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