If We Were Having Coffee. . .

If we were having coffee green tea. . .

I’d tell you this post was originally meant for yesterday, but then life happened and I didn’t get a chance to finish it.

I’m in a  much better mood today than yesterday. In part because it’s the weekend, but mostly because I’m back on caffeine. Not coffee caffeine, but green tea caffeine. That giving up caffeine cold turkey was pure shenanigans. I’m glad that whatever gremlin possessed me to do that has been excised. I’ve never been so bloody irritable in my life. Well that’s a lie. If I don’t eat, then things can get pretty ugly and this could be you. . . Continue reading

Week 1 – Norm 2.0

Choosing a blog to feature for the first 52 Weeks/52 Blogs was much harder than I thought it was going to be. There are so many good bloggers out, but I finally decided on Norm 2.0. I’ve been quietly stalking his blog for a couple of weeks and every time I tune in there is something else that makes me enjoy it even more. A photo or a witty post.

I first came across his blog during the #SundayBlogShare when he shared his post:  Continue reading

52 Weeks / 52 Blogs

I was in church last night ringing in 2015, thinking about my blog and if I would actually blog every day. Then realized I was psyching myself out before 2015 even got here.

‘Just follow the editorial calendar and all should go well,’ I thought. Having sufficiently relieved myself of doubt, I began replotting a course of action to successfully engage those bloggers I follow and that follow me. I also pondered how to engage others that aren’t following me. Then there was an Ah-Ha moment followed by that crazy lady grin. (I think I might have frightened a couple of children sitting next to me.) Continue reading