My Hometown

This section of my blog is a photo journal of my hometown. I’ve decided to include a photo journal because if all goes according to plan this time next year I will be leaving my hometown for the place I’ve called home since I was child.

I wanted to document what I’d be leaving — the good, the bad, and everything in-between. My hometown is unique. It has a flavor all its own. It’s beautiful and full of culture and diversity. It’s home to people you love to hate. It’s full of memories — good and bad, mostly good. The people I love and care about the most are here. And with all of that being part of my hometown it’s never had my heart.

I’ve stayed because of family and money, but I don’t need to do that anymore. My parents are all grown up and I finally married my sister off to her high school sweetheart and I’m pretty confident everyone else is going to be just fine without me. So, I can finally make that move to the place I’ve felt like and called home since I was a child — Denver, Colorado.


When I was a child my day went to Denver for business and took the family on a mini vacation and as soon as I stepped off the airplane I knew this was my home.

I hope you’ll enjoy the photo journal of my hometown.

9 thoughts on “My Hometown

  1. I lived in Northern VA until retirement 4-years ago and I miss the excitement of the DC metro area minus the traffic. I love the adventure of learning about a new city such as southwest Florida where I reside. Your adventurous discovery is just ahead so take your time and keep your eye on the prize.

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  2. I totally identify with you…I left my home town in Chile when I was 17…long time ago,yet it seems like yesterday. I came to Melbourne Australia to a new culture, a new language and a new way of life. Since then I have lived in many places, including Spain for the last 12 years, only to come back to Melbourne just over a year ago. With time I’ve learned that I belong where I am and where I feel connected to the place and its people. I love diversity and all those wonderful and magical things that are, like you say, free. Good luck in your new home.

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    • There’s a lot to be said for being home.

      My vacation next year is to Australia. I’ll have to ask you some nice off the beatean not touristy places to go and things to do. Just out of curiosity what made you leave Chile for Australia? Family or School or was it spin the globe and where your finger landed that’s where you were going type of thing?

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      • OMG I just saw your comment today, almost a year after. Are you still coming to Australia? I have a new web page with my photographic work: If you leave a message in the Contact section I will definitely get it. I hope you are well.


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