Weekly Smile – Music

I love most all music. I would have to say perhaps the only music I don’t particularly care for is Rap/Hip-Hop. Something has gone very wrong with it, since the days of my youth – Sugar Hill Gang, Kool Moe Dee, Doug E. Fresh and the like. Maybe I’ll have to feature them on a Flashback Thursday.

Anyway, back to or rather on to the Weekly Smile. Tuesday night I went to a concert a coworker invited me to – Andrew Bird. Continue reading

Weekly Smile

It’s been a while since my last Weekly Smile. Enjoy! and I hope it brings a smile to you my lovelies.

I love fresh flowers. It’s just something about them that, well. . . Puts a smile on my face. I haven’t had any since before I moved (still unpacking) and I’ve been feeling a little blue. So, I pulled out my handy dandy smartphone, Continue reading

[1] Weekly Smile

Trent over at Trent’s World (the Blog) has started something called the Weekly Smile. You know it’s been proven that when people smile at you you can’t help but get a warm fuzzy and smile back.

So, I think my weekly smile is pretty apropos.

Monday, I woke up with a pretty incredible pain in my lower left jaw. I immediately thought, “Oh crap a cavity!” Then as is my way I began to self diagnose. Can’t be a cavity because I was just at the dentist in November and I was cavity free. And there’s no way you can develop a cavity that causes that much pain in less than two months.

I continued with my diagnosis Continue reading