Day 25: Y is for Yodel

One more day until the Blogging A to Z Challenge is over and today’s letter is ‘Y’. Vidya gave Yodel and I immediately decided I was going to do a yodeling video. Or rather me learning how to yodel video.

I convinced my brother-in-law to video this lesson, which I procured from YouTube and bless his heart he tried not to laugh but needless to say he laughed till he cried. Although funny and exponentially entertaining I couldn’t subject any of you to that. Furthermore and perhaps more importantly, I couldn’t let that get out there onto the interwebs and I do have a reputation to protect. 🙂

Well, I can say that I tried something new that I never in a million years would have tried, and it was an EPIC FAIL!

So I leave you with this young professional yodeler, Taylor Ware.

Day 15: Opinion

I’m in the process of catching up with my Blogging A to Z Challenge letters. Day 15 was the letter ‘O’ and I originally planned to pen something about Opinions. However my mom had open heart surgery and was progressing very quickly, then she had a set back and I thought, ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.’

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and both of us are quite opinionated. He, like most people of the male species have some bizarre, misguided notion that they are always right. Continue reading

Day 22: V is for Victory

In just a few short days the Blogging A to Z Challenge will be over. I’ve come across quite a few blogs that I’ve enjoyed, but as much as I want to there is no way to make around to everyone. Anyway on to letter of the day, which is ‘V’.

My friends and family know that I am a huge Family Guy fan and that Stewie is my favorite character. Not really sure what that says about me. When I sat down to write today’s Friday Fiction, “Victory is Mine” kept popping in my head. The way Stewie says it. And I kept smiling and laughing quietly to myself and smirking. I’m pretty sure the folks in the dentist’s office may have thought I was a few bottle caps short. After all people don’t chuckle before going back to the torture chamber. see the dentist. Right? 😈


Day 21: U is for Ubiquitous

Oh my, I can’t believe the month of April is basically over. We are on day 21 of the Blogging A to Z Challenge and have a whopping five more days. I’m having a blast and I’ve come across a lot of great bloggers over the past few weeks. And can’t wait to see what they do after the challenge is over.

Just a reminder the questions for 20/20 Five will post tomorrow. I hope you’ll link up, join the fun, and get to know some more fellow bloggers.

I look forward to reading your responses and thank you to everyone that asked questions.

I was given the word ‘Ubiquitous’ by Vidya over at Vidya Sury. Make sure to stop by and check her out.

hello kitty ubiquitous

Day 20: T is for Tourists

Spring Break in the DC area is officially over, but it also marks the onslaught of tourists to the area. Today’s Blogging A to Z Challenge letter is . . . yep you guessed it ‘T’.

10 Simple rules for tourists when visiting Washington, DC
  1. Do not under any circumstances travel on Metro between the hours of 7:00 am & 9:30 am or 4:30 pm & 6:30 pm. Why? It’s Rush Hour.

    This is Rush Hour. This is why Rule #1 is so important.

  2. If you so chose to violate Rule #1 don’t get mad at us when we don’t answer or snap at you when you’re on the Metro prior to 9:30 am. We are more than likely trying to prepare ourselves for the daily deluge of crap from our rat bastard co-workers.
  3. Oh how we all love to stroll. If you and your brood are strolling, taking up the entire sidewalk while violating Rule #1, please don’t look surprised when someone barrels through you and yells, “excuse me, I have to get to work!” I have heard people yell, “Get the fuck out the way!” Continue reading