Day 22: Friday Fiction – Victory Lost

Simon knew he had to press through the pain.

That medal.

The gold.

It would be his. No matter what.

He got a cramp in his leg and he was determined it wasn’t going to stop him. Simon grabbed his water bottle and a salt tablet from his running bag and pressed on. He had a sort of run limp, which slowed him down and hoped the water and salt tablet would start working before his nearest rival, Drake, caught up to him. Continue reading

Friday Fiction – Jacob

This weeks Friday Fiction is brought to you by the photo prompt below and  Flash! Friday. Enjoy! and have a great weekend.


She lay cying in a fetal positing in the bike tunnel. Asking why. Begging him to stay. Telling him she needed him. They needed him.

Jacob knelt down and gave her one last hug and kiss and whispered. “No. You don’t need me anymore. You’ll soon realize that.” He looked her in the eyes and smiled, “And besides, if I remember correctly, you told me yesterday you couldn’t wait til I was gone.”

As he stood he told her, “I came to do what needed to be done. It’s done and I have to go now.”

She jumped up and threw her arms around him, “But . . .”

“No worries.”

Jacob helped her steady herself on her bicycle. Once she reached the tunnel entrance she turned and waved. “We’ll miss you.”

Straightening the basket and smoothing the streamers she played the tune he taught her on the bicycle bell, and with each chord the memory of Jacob faded.

Word Count: 154


This weeks Friday Fiction is from a photo prompt over at Friday Fictioneers. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Have a great weekend! 😉


“It’s true,” I say as Marcus, Patrick, and Jenny pile in the elevator.

“We’ll meet you at the top,” Marcus says pulling the heavy cage into place.

As the elevator creeps by Patrick shouts, “Up, up and away.”

The elevator coughs up smoke and ash as it sputters between the seventh and ninth floors.

Suddenly a fireball consumes the elevator.

Trapped. They bang on the cage and cry for help.

Petrified, I can only listen to their cries.

Silence comes quickly.

The fireball retreats and the elevator belches smoke and ash.

The cage opens and I peer inside. No trace they were ever there.


Photo Credit: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Word Count: 100 + 5

The Take

This piece of fiction was inspired by Flash! Friday. Enjoy! 🙂

“Come on Lil-e,” Alex said giving her a slap on the rump. “Just one more.

“Sorry, Alex. You know Pete likes the place spotless when he comes to collect the money. Besides what would your wife say — spending your money on drink and me.” Lilly smiles and saunters away.

“I’m leaving.” Motioning to the others, they stagger out looking as though they’re at odds with the sea and fighting to stay afloat.

“Tonight?” Continue reading

Friday Fiction —

This month on Friday’s, I’ll be doing something called Friday Fiction instead of 20/20 Five. I hope you enjoy. And Happy Friday.

Sliding out of his tent by the riverbank, Joe followed the police markers to the cabin in Harbanger woods. It reeked of stale blood.

“Clare, tell me the truth and we can go home.”

“I’m not Clare!”

He shook his head and swung the ax. “You should’ve just told me.”

Word Count: 50


This Flash in  the Pan challenge has a 50 max word count — Tent.  Enjoy and make sure you stop by and read what other flasher’s have written and of course if dare join the fun.

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