Ready to Give Up, But Can’t

***Forgive my ramblings as this post just came off a phone call from my doctor.

It’s been a year since I had my last surgical breast biopsy and the results came back benign, but I’m still considered high risk for developing breast cancer. Yay me! Since then I’ve had two more mammograms that showed what they hope are calcium deposits. Now my boobie doctor wants me to have an MRI mammogram. I’ve come to the conclusion that my boob is going to fall off because of all the radiation.

I’m really glad that my medical team is super aggressive because if left up to me, I’m sure I would have given up a year and half ago. Thanks guys and gals for your constant badgering (bordering on harassment).  Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Polar Vortex

Dear Polar Vortex,

I’m not sure who gave you permission to settle in the DC region, but I guarantee you’re not welcome. We, the citizens, of the Washington, DC metro area had a meeting and respectfully request that you retreat until the official start of winter, December 21st.

We are not ready.

Thank you for your time and prompt attention to the matter.

“You betta sang them ABC’s”

I found this via another one of my blogs Forbidden Books Club and I thought you might enjoy it, too. 😄

Shannelism 101

There are those who simply sing the ABC’s  and then there is Pattie LaBelle who SANG the ABC’s. Pattie and Chrissy literally split the wigs off ev-er-y single one of those Sesame Street muppets and ev-er-y single man, woman, and child who witnessed it. You know it got real when even The Count came out in the daytime to get a little ABC gospel. And the tamborine collabo…brilliant. THIS is how the ABC’s should be done. This soulful version of the ABC’s is how I want to live out my life. I could just sing the soundtrack of my life with the same old tune, or I could SANG it. I want piano playing, tamborine shaking muppets in the background music of my life.

Allow me to break it down. Most of the things we go through in our lives are no different from one person to the next…

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Who Do You Vote For . . . ?

I have a dilemma and I’m sure thousands of other Americans are facing the same dilemma. Who do you vote for when none of the candidates (Republican or Democrat) make you want to vote for them. I’m speaking more about their platforms. I’ve read as much as possible on them. I’ve listened. I’ve watched. And neither of them as far as I’m concerned deserve the Gubernatorial post.

People have said just vote Democrat. Yes, I’m a registered Democrat, but my views a more conservative. I’ve studied both candidates, scrutinized their platforms and I still don’t get a sense of who’s right for the state. I don’t have the confidence that either candidate will move the state in a positive direction. Continue reading