Monday Motivation – Seussian Life Lessons

TED Talks Thursday

I recently discovered this TED Talks video: My wish: Let my photographs bear witness by James Nachtwey.

Viewer Warning:

If you have a weak stomach, you might want to bypass some of this video. There were several parts that I had to turn my head on, but at the same time I had to look because I couldn’t believe the sheer injustice, the crimes against humanity that are still being committed today. But most important I was amazed by the resilience of the human spirit in the face of such atrocity.


Monday Motivation – Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward Rocky

Ted Talks Thursday

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m Ted Talks and NPR geek. I binge watch Ted Talks on a regular basis. Hours at a time and since I’ve cut the cable cord I seem to be watching more TED Talks. If you’ve never watched, I suggest you do. It so addictive.

One of my favorites is, “The Day I Stood Up Alone” by Boniface Mwangi. He ended his talk with a question, “Do you know why you were born?”

After watching Mwangi’s Talk for some reason my eyes got teary and my voice a little shaky. I wondered if it was because he talked about the injustice in Kenya and standing up for justice or if it was his mention of being a ‘smart coward’ or perhaps what I discovered to be the single most powerful statement/question of his talk – Do you know why you were born?

I often struggle with that question and other questions, too. What is my purpose here on earth? Am I even on the right path to fulfilling that purpose?

So, I challenge you to ask yourself the question: “Why was I born?” 

Feel free to share in the comments, whether you know or not.