Day 12: Twelve Goals/Resolutions for 2016

Well, the 12 Days of Christmas has come to a close. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little lists these past two weeks. I know I’ve enjoyed writing them.

12 Goals/Resolutions for 2016

I’ve always hated the New Year’s Resolutions. My parents used to make my sister and me write them down and then when we didn’t honor them they would throw it back at us. When I was old enough to properly express myself, I told them exactly what I thought of them making us do that and how it felt when we didn’t stick to these ‘resolutions’. Like most parents mine passed on what they knew, which was for you to write down and stick to new year’s resolutions.

Anyway, I have since said what do I want to accomplish
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Day 11: Eleven Things Still on My Bucket List

This is really the tip of the iceberg with my bucket list.

11 Things Still on My Bucket List

  1. Achieve my ideal weight – Ideally this super easy because I’m only about 10 pounds off, but for some reason I just can’t get my butt in gear.
  2. Do a color run – Really how could this not be fun? 
  3. Run a half marathon – I don’t how my leg Continue reading

Day 10: Ten ‘Bad A$$’ (To Me) Things I’ve Ever Done

Well, the 12 Days of Christmas is winding down. I hope you’ve enjoyed some additional glimpses into the quirky world of Erica.

Day 10: Ten ‘Bad A$$’ (To Me) Things I’ve Ever Done

  1. Change a tire. Now I know this is a super practical skill that everyone should know how to do, and I had to dig deep in the recesses of my brain to remember what how to do this. The only reason I did it is because the auto club told me it was going to be over an hour and I had someplace I needed to be. But I did take it to the shop immediately to the shop immediately after my appointment to get a new tire. I did enquire within to make sure I put it on properly and (big cheese grin) I did!!
  2. Travel by myself. I really enjoy traveling, but I really hate traveling with others. I like to do what I want when I want and go where I want.
  3. Raft the Youghiogheny. I’m pretty proud of myself. A Continue reading

Day 9: Nine Things I’m grateful for . . .

I decided to change-up the 12 Days of Christmas order a bit. Today’s post is:

9 Things I’m grateful for . . . 

  1. Being able to spend it with family and friends
  2. My grandmother. She’s a super strong woman and I hope that when I’m her age I still have all my faculties and am just as super fly as she is.
  3. Being able to give without putting myself in debt
  4. This is kind of a hallelujah and an Awww. That it’s warm and there is no snow.
  5. My sister’s lasagna. I am Garfield when it comes to lasagna.
    Garfield, I love lasagna
  6. That I don’t have to wear ‘church clothes’ to church tomorrow.
  7. My sock puppet footie pajamas. (I’ll show you a picture of me in it later.)
  8. Gummi Bears – Haribo Gummi Bears to be exact
  9. I will be quite thankful for this. 3 bean chili, I shall be making tomorrow.

Day 8: Eight Favorite Christmas/Holiday songs

8 Favorite Christmas/Holiday songs

I just want to let you know right now that I could probably list 12 or more Christmas/Holiday songs I belt out ever year and not necessarily around the holidays. So, here are a few of my favorites. I

Do you have any favorite Christmas/Holiday songs? If so, feel free to share them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🎅🎄

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