Breaking Taboo

There are a ton of topics out there we don’t talk about. We sweep them under the rug like they’re miraculously going to disappear, but they don’t and they won’t until we grow some cojones and open our mouths and start a dialogue.

The first Wednesday of the month I’m going to talk about some of those things we dare not talk about because it makes us uncomfortable.

The series is called Breaking Taboo.

I would love for these posts to open up some dialogue here and outside the blog. It’s time we stop ignoring them.


10 thoughts on “Breaking Taboo

  1. Hi!

    I received your message from my contact form, and would like to chat a bit about what you’re exactly looking for in reference to “monsterhood” in a religious community.

    I know the topic is a bit generic. That’s why I’m going to ask what sparks your interest the most:
    – Treatment of women
    – Discipline of children
    – Emotions being seen as weakness in the male role

    I’d definitely be interested in writing something for you, providing we get some guidelines and a clear topic laid out.

    Thanks. 🙂


    • Great Clayton!

      All of them are great topics. What I was originally thinking about was Emotions as a weakness, but now that I’m thinking about it I’m wondering if you would be willing to do a series. Not necessarily in this order:
      1. Emotions (I do have some thougths on this and I will get back to you once I can put properly into words)
      2. Raising/Disciplining Children (I think from the perspective of how a father raises/interacts with his son vs. a daugther emotionally)
      3. Women (how this affects relationships and how women are viewed)

      I’m thinking there will be some overlap, if you chose to do a series. We can discuss timeframe later.

      And I’m also thinking that just focusing on it from a religious point of view may be a bit confining, but I don’t know. Let me know your thoughts.

      This topic is pretty big and it would be great to explore it more.

      Let’s take this offline and shoot me an email with your thoughts.


      Shoot me an email


    • As a school age student the last thing you want to hear is that you’ll be a student forever. But it’s so true. I learn something new everyday, be it about someone or something on my job or just the world in general. It’s great!


  2. Are you talking about the things we don’t talk about in football like the likeliness of abuse happening during football games? I love football, but I don’t like what it does to some people, though the alcohol consumption is a big factor.


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