Who Am I? An Introduction of Sorts

Who would have thought that these three little words would be so hard to fathom a solid answer? The reality is that who I am seems to change evolve on a rather regular basis.

When I began doing a bit of self-reflection I decided to take a closer look at my Myers-Briggs Personality Type in hopes of shedding a little more light as to who I am. I am an Introvert an INTJ to precise.

INTJs are a rare breed and female INTJs make up only about 1% of the population. So, here are a few of the traits I identify with most strongly.

  • Intelligent – My teachers would always tell my parents, ‘Erica could be an A student if she applied herself’. Yadda Yadda Yadda, I thought. Why when I get B’s. That’s good enough, right?
  • Natural born leader – Typically, I like to stay in the background but when the need arises I will step into a leadership role. I remember this one time when it was three supervisors and myself trying to get a room organized and it was going nowhere fast. So, I just stepped up and said why don’t we do this and the idea was accepted; then I doled out everyone’s role.
  • Hate incompetence – This is so very true, especially when it comes to the leadership.
  • Observant – Oh my gosh am I. Although I hate small talk, I have endured it because I find that within this mundane exercise I am able to deduce quite a lot about people.
  • Detest small talk –  I would rather gauge my eyes out with spoons than engage in small talk. It’s brutal. After the cursory ‘Hi. How are you?’, I have typically checked out. Because beyond that I don’t care.
  • Imaginative – Yepper that would be me. I always have a story going on in my head. I could be at a stop light, and in pops a story idea or plugging away at work or picking up a box of oatmeal. Yep always.

I’ll revisit this from time-to-time as I put the pieces of the ‘who I am’ puzzle together.

Speak your peace . . .

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